Date change for the GREEN AREA SHOW


Changing the date of the GREEN AREA SHOW to November 2021
Bearing in mind the highest business quality of the event we organize, as well as listening to the opinions of exhibitors and partners, we made the difficult decision to move the date of the GREEN AREA SHOW to November 2021.
The date of the fair, consulted with the horticultural industry, and supported by the modified calendar of European events, will contribute to better organization of the GREEN AREA SHOW Fair, during which completely new ideas will be implemented. Thanks to this, the event will become a place for the exchange of ideas, experiences and establishing valuable contacts that will contribute to the revival of the entire market.
This is where we would like to thank our exhibitors, patrons and partners who, despite the difficult moments for the entire industry, have expressed their support in recent days, supporting us to work even harder on next year's edition of the event. We are convinced that we will use the new date of the fair to create an even more valuable businessvise and factually attractive event for all participants. We already encourage you to enter the next year's date of the event in your calendars.