How we care about safety?


Maintaining high safety standards during the event in every area, including medical care, fire protection and personal safety, has always been one of our priorities. See the movie we have prepared.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS), we take all kinds of precautions for the safety of our exhibitors and visitors:

  • we provide 4 m2 of space per participant in the place of the event. Therefore, there may be temporary restrictions on entry to the event site, dictated by the maximum number of people that can stay in one area;
  • both exhibitors and visitors are required to complete an epidemiological questionnaire before entering the site. We recommend filling in the document, which is available on the websites of our events;
  • exhibitors and visitors are required to cover their mouths and nose both inside and outside the pavilions, except in gastronomic spaces where they eat their meals;
  • hand disinfection is required at the entrance and exit of the premises events;
  • we only sell tickets for events online