Summary of the first day of GREEN AREA SHOW 2019


The first gardening show in Poland began at 9 o'clock and from the early morning, until late afternoon, it enjoyed considerable interest from visitors.

The exhibition has been planned in such a way as to combine the traditional format of trade fair events, with a substantive conference for specialists and with machine shows at work outside. The organization of the event at the Horse Racing Track in Służewiec in Warsaw made it possible to combine all these elements.

The exhibition part is located in the grandstand building. The exhibitors of this part are mainly companies offering seeds, substrates, peat, sprayers, gardening tools and other accessories.


The hall also has a conference space, in which the 1st Greenery Board Forum was held, organized jointly with the "Urban Greenery" magazine. The conference attracted a lot of interest, the speakers presented issues related to tree protection policy, the possibility of installing green roofs on existing buildings, green strategies for cities, plant novelties for public spaces, standards for the landscape architecture industry and alternative fuels.

In the area in front of the main entrance to the hall, there were shows of the Federation of Polish Arborists throughout the day. Specialists showed how their work looks like "on trees" and gave dendrological and legal advice.

The outer part of the track was a place of demonstrations of machines and tools. Visitors had the opportunity not only to hear information about the parameters, but above all they could see how they work, and even test them themselves. Exhibitors emphasized that this form of presentation is the most attractive. Martyna Gościniak from the company Perfetto Poznań said "The formula of the event encourages customers and guests to get on machines that they knew only from marketing materials. They can confront this information with the real state. "

Andrzej Grocholewski, commercial director of AL-KO, adds: "We were afraid that the weather would scare everyone, but it did not happen. We have customers all the time, and our sales representatives have their hands full. Many dealers come to us. Such an event is absolutely new and it is very good that it appeared "

The largest gardening industry leaders presented their novelties for 2020. The Green Area Show provided exhibitors with an area where they could show their machines and devices at work.

We asked exhibitors what their feelings were after the first day of the event. Zbigniew Słotwiński, Iseki machine seller sums up: "We had a lot of reports and conversations with clients. Usually they were representatives of service companies, municipal companies, companies maintaining green areas. Many customers were from Lower Silesia, Greater Poland and Mazovia. The event is very well advertised, which makes the range really impressive. Customers know exactly what they want, compare machines, ask about power and parameters. When it comes to practical field shows, this is the best form of promotion and sales. "