Summary of the second day of GREEN AREA SHOW 2019


October 3, the second day of the Green Area Show event, welcomed us with a slightly lower temperature, but it rewarded us with sunshine throughout the day. It was the perfect aura to visit the outer zone, where live machine shows took place throughout the day.

All exhibitors took advantage of the fantastic weather to show their equipment and machinery at work. At each stand, they presented new products for the 2020 season. It was also a great opportunity for us to talk with representatives of companies exhibiting and ask about trends for the upcoming season.


A large number of exhibitors noted that so far mowing works and other similar devices were mainly addressed to individual clients with home gardens. However, this is changing and they are observing the demand for this type of machinery for more industrial use, regarding the care of larger areas of urban greenery. Due to their compact size and lack of electric wires, these machines easily reach hard to reach places, and their independent work allows to direct employees to more demanding tasks. That is why manufacturers present larger and more efficient mower robots and predict that this trend will certainly develop.


In the era of concerns about the progressive climate change caused by exhaust emissions, manufacturers put great emphasis on reducing their emissions. Electric motors are increasingly replacing combustion engines. Company representatives emphasized that in addition to the ecological aspect, buyers are encouraged by the fact that battery machines have a definite advantage in comfort of use. The lack of electrical wires, which allows high mobility, is their huge advantage. In addition, electric motors are characterized by low noise levels, which allows them to be used in urban areas.


The Green Area Show event was targeted at specialists in the field of everyday greenery care in urban areas, hotel facilities and golf courses. The series of machines presented had unique features, e.g. a specific range of motion or the ability to attach specialized accessories.

The second day of the Green Area Show 2019 event was also the day when we invited students of specialized schools, technicians of landscape architecture and gardening schools to participate. In the future, they will shape green in cities, which is why we want to enable them to meet industry leaders and obtain information on the latest and innovative technologies and solutions available on the market.

Exhibitors asked for an opinion on such a formula of the event, with live machine shows emphasized that this format is already proven on the world and European market and there was definitely no such event in Poland. They emphasized that it was also a great opportunity for them to confront their devices with competitors' proposals. They also had a lot of interesting observations and proposals for the future. We will definitely want to use them and implement them so that the next editions are only better.