Why become a GREEN AREA SHOW exhibitor?


The Green Area Show is a new event in the horticultural industry, but it has a huge advantage over others, because it gives a unique opportunity to present machines during work. Providing demonstration areas for exhibitors and their equipment is one of the greatest assets.

Why become a GREEN AREA SHOW exhibitor?

  • the opportunity to present new products for the upcoming season at a convenient time - exhibitors emphasize that autumn is a very good time for contracting for the new season
  • the opportunity to present machines and equipment during work - demonstration spaces allow free use of machines and presentation of all their possibilities, which definitely positively affects the decision to buy,
  • the possibility of confronting one's own offer, with what the competitors present,
  • the opportunity to meet a selected group of professional visitors - we make every effort to prepare a substantive program of events with our partners, which will attract decision-makers from companies and state institutions
  • networking with industry professionals, exchange experience and knowledge
  • convenient location - the Warsaw Horse Racing Track in Służewiec turned out to be a good host for the meeting of the horticultural industry, with convenient access from anywhere in Poland
  • opportunity to establish contacts with the media - we invite representatives of popular and specialist magazines related to the horticultural industry to participate in the fair

To join the group of GREEN AREA SHOW exhibitors please write to us or fill out the online form and we will contact you to arrange the details